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The Benefits of Using an Expert Tree Service

Trees are an investment in a home’s landscape and the market value of one’s property. Indeed, research shows that potential buyers are more likely to purchase a house that has trees in the yard over one that has no trees.

Trees beautify the landscape and provide many ecological advantages. They prevent soil erosion, give shelter and food to wildlife, act as windbreaks to protect properties and they provide shade to limit the sun’s thermal effect on homes. However, trees need to be properly maintained for optimum health and to ensure the homeowner’s safety. As such, it is always advisable seek the assistance of an expert tree service company or when looking for more information about Tree Care Services In Atlanta GA.


An expert tree service business In Atlanta GA typically offers a comprehensive range of options to suit all landscape needs. These include:


Deep Fertilization Treatment

Trees need proper nutrients for healthy growth, and they perform best when they receive an annual deep feed, usually in the fall. A tree expert In Atlanta GA can advise on the needs of particular trees. Testing of the soil, too, can determine which nutrients are lacking so that proper amendments can be carried out.

Regularly-Scheduled Maintenance

A regular schedule of spraying for pests and diseases is also vital for tree health. Different trees attract different pests, and have particular susceptibility to diseases. An expert will know how to treat a variety of trees. For example, blue spruces might need to be sprayed against bag worms, and another type of tree might need to be sprayed for canker worm. Learn more about Tree Care Services In Atlanta GA.

Periodic trimming and pruning eliminates dead wood and allows light into the tree, as well good air circulation. Pruning In Atlanta GA that is inexpertly carried out can spoil the symmetry and beauty of a tree, so it is important to use the services of a tree professional.

Tree Planting In Atlanta GA

When new trees are required, an expert can assist with the selection of trees to suit a particular location, climate, and even the size and style of the property. Tree cutting professionals can also plant, set-up a watering system such as soaker hoses or spikes, and provide support to the tree if needed.

Tree Removal In Atlanta GA

When trees need to be removed, tree experts can undertake the job safely and with limited disturbance to the landscape. They can remove the tree and its roots or they can grind the stump once the tree has been cut down.

The arborists and tree professionals from an expert tree service company are best placed for maintaining the health and beauty of trees, undertaking their planting or seeing to their safe removal and disposal. They have the knowledge, equipment and expertise to provide superior tree services.

Finally, the personnel from an expert tree service will have vital workers’ compensation and liability insurance coverage.



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